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Welcome to our website
Both Pauline and myself have worked in the funeral business for over 25 years working mainly for independent companies around the country. Gaining a wealth of experience in providing a caring service for families in what can be quite difficult times dealing with the loss of a loved one.
As I live in the community of  Haughton Green I have appropriately named our business ‘The Green’ Funeral Services as it is our goal to provide the very best service to our many friends and people in our local community.
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      • 24 hour care and immediate attention •
Telephone: 0161 335 0138
‘The Green’ Funeral Services
121 Haughton Green Road,
Denton, Manchester
M34 7PW
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Why Use An Independent Funeral Director
Family & Community Commitment
We have over 25 years of caring service to our local community and surrounding areas. This is where we live and work. When you need us, we’ll be there.
We aim to build a relationship of trust and personal service, so that you will return to us in the future.
A Personal Relationship
When your family suffers the loss of a loved one, it’s comforting to know your funeral director which leads to individual, sensitive service. It is reassuring to know who you are talking to.
Genuinely Independent?
The funeral profession is no exception to business mergers and takeovers. Over the years many ‘smaller independents’ have been acquired by larger profit motivated giants. Usually there isn’t any change of name to tell you things have changed making it difficult for you to distinguish between the family owned firm and the conglomerate.